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Jazz Fest!

Howdy! I'm writing from the business center at the Riverside Hilton in New Orleans! (And it's costing me $0.49 / minute, so this is going to be very brief!) My parents and I had a long day of travel yesterday, but arrived safe and sound in New Orleans about 3 in the afternoon. We've rented a car for the weekend, so we picked that up and headed into town. Getting checked in took a little more effort than usual since the building is currently under construction so things like the front desk have been moved around a bit. Unfortunately for my parents, we've both ended up with rooms with double beds in them. Mom wasn't too pleased with that and has become determined never to let my dad's staff make reservations for her vacations ever again!

Once we got in and settled, we got ready to head to dinner with the Charles'. The Charles' are the parents of my brother-in-law's brother-in-law. (Their son is married to his sister.) They were very gracious hosts and treated all three of us to dinner at Bayona's. The food was spectacular! Since none of us got lunch, we were especially appreciative of the appetizers. The oyster and shrimp dishes were particularly delicious. For dinner, the gentlmen and I had the pork chops and the ladies had the softshell crab. The food was really divine. And the conversation was sensational, too. These people are a riot! I only wish I'd known them the last time I was here so that I could've enjoyed some of these culinary delights back then! As it was, the only thing I remember is eating at this restaurant that served a crocodile cheesecake. I'm hoping I've got it written down somewhere in these archives so I can see whether or not it's still around. Well, my time is up! Be well, everyone! And don't forget to tell me about your favorite sights in southern cities!

ETA: I just looked it up and the restaurant is called Jacque-imo's.